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Wire seals are generally used in what areas?

Wire seals are generally used in what areas.When it comes to this wire seal friends in the line are basically aware of is a one-time wire made of padlocks, wire seals another title is the wire seal, today to introduce the use of wire seals in What place.Wire sealing tension with the industry have practical for kerosene transport, chemical, mining, customs, railway, finance, containers, foreign trade commodity inspection, transport product processing, and enterprise product inspection, packaging drums, plastic seals can source metering, keyhole Smaller canned containers, guarding theft, sealing and other industries. In front of the industry said about the wire seal application industry, and now for the place where the wire seal, a lot of places there are containers, container trucks, boxes, oil containers, meters, water meters, scientific instruments, military plastic seals, Container short-distance transport, trucks, trailer freight, fire equipment, security seals railway are used in these areas are sealed lead wire, in general, the scope of the backstop wire seal applications are very common.


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