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Padlock Seals

  • Padlock Seal(SL-09E)
  • Padlock Seal(SL-09E)
  • Padlock Seal(SL-09E)
  • Padlock Seal(SL-09E)
  • Padlock Seal(SL-09E)
Padlock Seal(SL-09E)Padlock Seal(SL-09E)Padlock Seal(SL-09E)Padlock Seal(SL-09E)Padlock Seal(SL-09E)

Padlock Seal(SL-09E)

  • Product NO:SL-09E
  • Color:Green,red,green,blue
  • Material:Polypropylene
  • Application:Electronic meter,water meter,gas meter
  • Product description: Padlock seal,tamper evident locks,luggage seal,plastic padlock security seals
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Padlock Seal Plastic Security Seal

Product Description

1.This listing is for handy padlock seal

2.Qty :100 padlocks per package.

3.Printing:Customized logo,serial number and bar code.

4.Padlock Seal Application:Electronic Meter,Water Meter,Gas Meter.

One-piece,easy-break handy padlock seal is reliable, cost-effective and allows quick access to items in crash cart boxes, on carts and in other spaces where products need security. Easy-to-use seal design can be applied and removed with one hand. All-plastic locking tag requires no tools for removal, saving valuable time when accessing supplies. Spring-arm and plugged barrel provide effective tamper evidence. Straight, thin locking arrow fits most latch mechanisms.

Picture of SL-09E Padlock Seal

Picture of SL-09E Padlock Seal