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Padlock Seals

  • Padlock Seal(SL-13E)
  • Padlock Seal(SL-13E)
Padlock Seal(SL-13E) Padlock Seal(SL-13E)

Padlock Seal(SL-13E)

  • Product NO:SL-13E
  • Color: red,yellow,blue,green
  • Material:PP Plastic
  • Application:Electronic meter,water seal,gas meter etc.
  • Product description: Padlock Seal 1.Material polycarbonate for the outer clear body; ABS plastic for the inner part. 2.Standard wire material galvanized steel wire opitonal wire plastic coated wire.
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Item Name:Padlock Seal

Model No.:SL-13E

Material:PC casing,ABS core

Function:Guard thief,keep sercet.

Padlock Seal Application:

Electronic meter,water meter,gas meter etc.


Used with any kind of traditional sealing wire

Available colors for the inner locking mechanism

Color:Red,yellow,blue,green or according to customers'  requests



1. Laser printing

2.Customer's company name&logo, sequential numbers

3.Bar code is available


1.Standard: 100pcs/bag – 50bags/carton

2.Caton specification: 49cm X 40cm X 25cm

3.Weight per carton: 12.5kg

Dimension of SL-13E Meter Seal

Picture of SL-13E Meter Seal